PET sheet

Date:2020-11-20 16:52:08 星期五

PET sheet: suitable for printing, blister, folding box, […]

PET sheet: suitable for printing, blister, folding box, photo frame, etc. At the same time, we operate PET high temperature film, insulating film, release film, glue film, etc. The advantages of PET are compared with the widely used PvC film. A-PET has the following advantages: 1. Light weight: PET specific gravity 1.33 is 3.7% lower than PvC specific gravity 1.38. 30-wire PvC card blister 2. High degree: PET film strength is 2 higher than PVC film but still begging, low temperature resistance The impact is not brittle, so usually 10% thinner film to replace PVC. Better, can withstand -40℃3, T sheet has good folding resistance. PET film does not show self-cracking creases like PvC, and is more suitable for loading documents and other surfaces. 4. T film has high transparency (PvC film is bluish), especially the gloss is better than PVC film, which is more suitable for exquisite packaging.

Dongguan Bairui Plastic & Hardware Products Co., Ltd. is a wholesale and distribution company of PVC, PET, PC, transparent film, frosted film, sub-white film, sub-black film and other products. Professional distribution and production of medicinal PVC rigid film, and new environmentally friendly materials PET sheet/sheet, PVC sheet/sheet, PVC plastic material, PC film, PP sheet, PET plastic material and other series of packaging materials. Products are widely used in hardware Tools, electronic products, fishing gear, cosmetics, toys, stationery products, helmets, panels, signs, cards, handicrafts, musical instruments, water treatment, etc. various blister/folding box packaging fields, printing and performance fields, pharmaceuticals and food Packaging field. Another professional production and processing: PVC sheet, PVC nameplate, PVC foot pad, PVC transparent pad, PC insulating gasket, PC, PVC sign, PC meson, PVc gasket, PVc punching, PVC sheet and so on. Our company can produce outer diameter 200-350~ inner diameter: 2.0-3.5~. Our company also produces insulating gaskets of other materials, such as insulating plastic mesh punching type, with excellent insulation, strong adhesion and not easy to peel off. Such as: plastic speaker net, patrol Congdan, PC horn net, pet horn net, patrol fish margin orchid, pc insulation sheet, Pet insulation sheet, charger insulation sheet, motor insulation sheet, power switch insulation sheet and other insulating materials. Its characteristics: flame resistance, pressure resistance and cold resistance. Applicable to various industries such as electronics and electro-acoustics. Complete specifications, preferential prices, welcome to call to discuss, free proofing, can be shaped.