What are the characteristics and performance of PET sheet?

Date:2020-11-30 10:45:10 星期一

With the increasing economic prosperity, more and more […]

With the increasing economic prosperity, more and more people pay attention to environmentally friendly economic products. Optical dispersion materials are now available in the market for PC and PVC materials. However, after analysis and observation, it is found that the cost is low and there is no average optical dispersion. Defects. Most on the market are based on master batches. The production process for preparing sheets from its master batches is to use PC or P\℃ master batches to increase a certain proportion of light dispersant. One preparation is completed and indirectly used for production. The synthetic resins used in the production of light-dispersing plastic sheets in our country are mainly polyvinyl chloride P\.rC, polycarbonate cool PC, poly cool PET and so on. PET sheet has good functions that other materials do not have. It meets the sanitary index requirements of synthetic products and international environmental protection requirements. It is a new generation of environmentally friendly sheets.
Performance parameters:
1. Density: 1.33g/cm, oxygen transmission rate: 4 to 4.scm*~factory (m*24h*0.InlPa)
2. Tensile strength longitudinal 53MPA moisture permeability 2 3G*nun (M*24H) transverse 53MPA application temperature is far 70 degrees
3. The buckling length of fracture is 250% longitudinally and 250% laterally
4. Cold size change: Vertical 3 5%, Horizontal 3 5% 5. Transparency 3 3% 6. Hygiene meets the requirements of GB13113-91
Primary use: electronics, food, toys, color box windows, ledgers 7. The adaptability of the protection of the situation, whether it is economical and convenient to accept and take over applications; when the waste is ignited, there is no risk of harmless substances. The cold forming function is beautiful, and it is commensurate with the general PVC sheet. Whether the PET cold forming product with good performance can be made by vacuum forming; PET sheet is regarded as a realistic packaging material that meets the requirements of protection.