What are the basic points of PS sheet processing?

Date:2020-12-28 11:22:27 星期一

At present, the use of polystyrene as raw material to p […]

At present, the use of polystyrene as raw material to produce various packaging containers has become a need for processing in my country, and because different packaging materials are particularly popular in the social market, this PS sheet processing has become effective recycling at present And now the focus of attention. From the current basic technology of PS sheet processing and the corresponding implementation indicators in my country, it can be found that in this PS sheet processing, only the real implementation of the corresponding points can achieve more orderly processing and production.
1. Pay attention to a reasonable dissolution temperature
It is well known that PS sheets are made by melting raw materials at high temperatures in the current production process in my country. The implementation of a series of methods such as corresponding materials or foaming treatment has made the production of products and container processing in my country have a better effect. In this kind of well-reputed PS sheet processing flow, the corresponding temperature control has become a crucial link. According to the principle of temperature, it can be found that the temperature is too high and the dissolved substance is too thin to cause a reasonable molding mode, and too low may have a certain impact on the quality. Therefore, in the execution process of this PS sheet processing, only by ensuring a reasonable temperature and controlling the actual standards of the production process can the quality of this PS sheet processing be truly improved.
2. Pay attention to the quality and characteristics of raw materials
The basic properties and corresponding characteristics of its raw materials are the key factors for subsequent processing nowadays. In the processing technology of PS sheet with good quality and low price in my country, it is necessary to ensure that the plastic memory and thermal stretch properties of this material are in line with reality. Needs. Only by ensuring that its own heating can be uniformly processed to ensure better basic performance can it bring more guarantees for subsequent integrity and craftsmanship.
All in all, in the actual production and processing process, mastering various points and adopting scientific and reasonable implementation methods can truly improve the quality of this PS sheet processing. The advanced production equipment and better process flow are the key factors in this PS sheet processing technology. Therefore, if customers want to improve the quality of PS sheet processing, they can choose a professional and reliable organization for processing and disposal to ensure that the products produced truly have quality supervision and guarantee.