Which industries can PS sheets be used in?

Date:2021-02-27 11:26:02 星期六

1. The lighting category includes: PS lampshade. 2. Ele […]

1. The lighting category includes: PS lampshade.
2. Electronics: PS electronic interlayer board, PS electronic packaging box, etc.
3. Gifts are: PS gift box, PS cosmetics box, PS gift bag, PS handbag, PS handbag bottom liner, PS liner, PS glasses case, PS glasses display stand, PS toy packaging box, PS tissue box and other packaging .
4. Food categories include: PS placemats, PS coasters, PS drinking cups, PS bowls, PS candy boxes, PS candy bags, PS wine boxes, PS wine bags, PS cutting boards, etc.
5. Shoes and clothing categories: PS clothing boxes, PS clothing handbags, PS clothing line drawing boards, PS clothing listings, etc. PS shoe box, PS shoe lining, PS shoe pattern drawing board, etc.
6. Other PS sheet products include: PS supermarket hanger, PS luggage tag, PS road sign, PS drawer, PS raincoat packaging box, PS photo frame, etc.
7. Stationery categories include: PS folder, PS file bag, PS business card case, PS briefcase, PS pen case, PS pen holder, PS information book, PS page card, PS partition sheet, PS notebook cover, PS book holder, PS writing board, PS wall calendar, PS desk calendar, PS advertising umbrella, PS mouse pad, PS stationery portable box and other stationery products.