Are you clear about the maintenance of PS sheet flooring?

Date:2020-07-14 16:30:17 星期二

PS sheet floor is a kind of floor that most friends wil […]

PS sheet floor is a kind of floor that most friends will choose now. Of course, its function is also recognized by us. Of course, PS sheet floor also needs maintenance in usual times.
1. Stop PS sheet floor maintenance during the current period: PS sheet floor cleaning should be cleaned with neutral detergents, and strong acid or alkali detergents cannot be used to clean the air. Do regular cleaning and maintenance tasks;
2. Routine maintenance: use a clean 90% dry mop to clean the air, and part of the cleaning is serious;
3. Monthly maintenance: clean in the air, and treat some damaged roots in the air by waxing. In particular, the homogeneous PS sheet floor is usually treated and cured by waxing the floor once a month;
4. Matters needing attention: Floor cleaning can not use cleaning balls, knives to scrape, can not use conventional methods to clean dirt, consult relevant persons, do not use acetone, toluene, and other chemical drugs, please refer to Shenzhen Hancai for detailed professional advice material;
5. Chemical protection: To prevent a small amount of water workers from staying on the surface of the floor, especially block floors and homogenous floors. The water-soaked floors of water workers can seep onto the top plate and dissolve the floor to obtain a bonding force. It can make the floor maintenance wax water layer form the floor purification, and can also penetrate the sewage into the outside of the roof to form the floor discoloration;
6. Sun protection: prevent the indirect irradiation of strong light, make the UV radiation of the PS sheet floor to avoid the discoloration and fading of the floor.