Can PET sheet light sheet be used as beer bottle?

Date:2020-09-15 16:39:25 星期二

PET sheet light sheet is widely used in life, because P […]

PET sheet light sheet is widely used in life, because PET sheet has stable quality, good oxygen and waterproof ability, and is non-toxic and tasteless at room temperature, and it is often used as food packaging bags. So, can PET sheets be used as beer bottles? The quality of PET light film is stable, and the maximum use temperature reaches 70°C. This temperature range is sufficient for beer.
PET light film is non-toxic, tasteless, safe and hygienic, and can be used for food packaging. Bottles made of PET sheets are very light, which is very convenient for production and transportation, and it is also very convenient for consumers to carry. PET sheet plastic bottles have strong plasticity, and can produce bottles of various styles, capacities and shapes. At the same time, the safety of plastic bottles is better than glass bottles. The PET sheet bottles that can be processed and printed in a special shape can add an extra quality image to the wine and enhance brand awareness.
But PET light film also has certain defects. For example, a bottle and canned beer made of PET film will lose a certain amount of carbon dioxide, and the protection against ultraviolet rays is not very high. In this case, the beer will have sunlight odor. . However, organic synthetic materials will inevitably have a small amount of organic substances, which will enter the wine after prolonged contact with beer. The problem of sterilization of PET sheet is also a big problem, because PET sheet will deteriorate at high temperature, so pasteurization cannot be adopted.
It is a good idea to use PET light film to make beer bottles, but the corresponding sterilization and labeling work needs to be prepared in advance. At the same time, PET plastic bottles can not be exposed to high temperature, which is easy to produce harmful substances. This requires transportation and Be very careful in storage.