How to judge the quality of pvc plastic board? (1)

Date:2020-09-02 16:04:12 星期三

PVC plastic board is a kind of plastic board commonly u […]

PVC plastic board is a kind of plastic board commonly used in our lives, and the quality of the board is good or bad. When we buy this kind of plastic sheet, we need to observe it in detail, distinguish its quality, and try to buy high-quality products. Then, what kind of sheet is of good quality? How do we know? For details, please check the following points:
1. Look at the surface gloss: pvc plastic board has higher quality production process requirements, beautiful appearance, bright color, and more delicate workmanship; inferior board has a rougher workmanship, and its appearance looks dull and lacks luster.
2. Hand feeling: The high-quality plastic board feels smooth and the workmanship is fine; the inferior-quality plastic board feels very rough, and there may be small unidentified particles on it.
3. Smell: high-quality plastic boards are made of pure natural environmentally friendly materials, no pungent odor, and will not cause any harm to the human body; while inferior plastic boards are generally made of inferior raw materials, the smell will have a pungent odor, and long-term use will be harmful to the human body Big.