PVC sheet forming characteristics

Date:2016-08-04 10:48:22 星期四

1. Amorphous material, low moisture absorption, poor fl […]

1. Amorphous material, low moisture absorption, poor fluidity. In order to improve fluidity and prevent the occurrence of bubbles, the plastic can be pre-dried. The mold casting system should be short and thick, and the dust-proof accessory bag type dust-removing accessories should be removed. Big, no dead corners. The mold must be cooled and the surface is chrome-plated.

2. Due to its corrosive and fluid characteristics, it is best to use special equipment and molds. All products must be added with different types and amounts of additives as needed.

3. It is highly prone to differentiation, it is more easily differentiated from steel and copper at 200 °C, and it is eroded during differentiation. Irritant gas. The molding temperature range is small.