What are the advantages of PVC flocked carpets?

Date:2020-08-04 17:28:37 星期二

With the social development of science, technology and […]

With the social development of science, technology and economy, the living standards of many people have obviously improved, and the use of PVC flocking has become more and more widespread. Today, the editor brings you an introduction to PVC flocking carpets.
1. Super abrasion resistance. The nylon of the flocked floor carpet is densely arranged by independent fibers, which is 10 times higher than ordinary carpets. Make the floor have super friction resistance and excellent resilience performance. At the same time, the independent and dense arrangement of single tows effectively avoids the drawing and spinning phenomenon of traditional tufted carpets.
2. Excellent performance is stain resistance. It adopts ultra-intensive vertical electronic flocking technology. There are more than 80 million independent fibers per square meter. The surface of the carpet is compact and flat, which is not easy to trap dirt and is easy to maintain.
3. Reinforced glass fiber stabilizing reinforcement layer makes the floor have excellent dimensional stability and weather resistance. Compared with traditional carpets, the high-density flocking structure and neat carpet surface more effectively reduce the resistance of luggage, seat rollers and rollers. Especially suitable for hotels and hospitals.
4. Good sound absorption performance. At the same time, the special process of Maochang Plastic Products Co., Ltd. can greatly delay the burn mark time of the carpet caused by contact with burning cigarette butts, allowing you enough time to deal with accidentally falling on the floor Cigarette butts.