What are the characteristics of PS sheet production?

Date:2020-04-28 17:31:00 星期二

(1) The sheet is rolled out with flat rolls, so it is r […]

(1) The sheet is rolled out with flat rolls, so it is relatively simple and easy to change the product specifications, easy to adjust and operate, and easy to realize comprehensive computer control and automatic production;
(2) The shape of the sheet is simple, it can be produced in coils, and the largest amount is used in the national economy, so it must be able to achieve high-speed continuous rolling production;
(3) Due to the large width-to-thickness ratio and large surface area, the rolling pressure in production is very large, which can reach millions to tens of millions of Newtons. Therefore, the rolling mill equipment is complicated and large, and the product width, thickness dimension accuracy and plate shape and The control of surface quality has also become very difficult and complicated.