What are the common problems that PVC flocking has kept in production?

Date:2020-07-20 17:46:05 星期一

The correct understanding of the profile in the product […]

The correct understanding of the profile in the production of PVC flocking is to make the profile into the expected model.
First of all, we need to have a comprehensive understanding of the shape, strength, hardness, wear resistance and other major attributes of the profile. The quality of the surface of the component directly affects the service life of the PVC flocking. There are profile properties and cutting dosage. The poor quality and low level of equipment are also the problems of most Chinese merchants today. The cheaper profiles cannot meet the conditions of the components in terms of their versatility. Blindly pursuing low prices can easily lead to passive competition between merchants. Bringing into the abyss, precise material selection is particularly important.
The competition in the PVC flocking industry is particularly fierce. Everyone's life depends more on PVC flocking products, weak meat and strong food, and the improvement of the production capacity and quality of PVC flocking can survive. We must abandon the backward ability, continue to learn and innovate the production ability, the center investigates the products with higher precision and energy consumption.