What are the fault repairs and precautions for PP sheets?

Date:2020-05-13 17:14:13 星期三

PP sheet failure occurs in use, generally related to op […]

PP sheet failure occurs in use, generally related to operation, we can refer to the following points when operating PP sheet:
1. Clean, PP sheet is the same as all the equipment, the pump body must be cleaned before use;
 2. Reversal. Many devices are particularly sensitive to reversal. Reversal is likely to cause the motor to burn out. PP sheet is a device that is particularly sensitive to reversal. Therefore, special attention must be paid to the use of PP sheet. Reverse
 3. Operation, the PP sheet material does not allow materials such as dry powder, small solids, and small agglomerates to directly enter the pump body. The emulsified material of the PP sheet must be a fluid, and the solid material will cause the PP rotor to get stuck. , Causing burnout of the motor;
 4. Leakage. When the PP sheet is in normal operation, pay attention to observe whether there is material leakage in the pump body. If there is a leak, the operation of the PP sheet should be stopped, and the sealing device should be checked and adjusted;
 5. Idling, idling is an operation that is particularly likely to cause equipment failure, so remember, do not let the equipment run idling without indicating that the equipment can be idling;
 6. Noise, if abnormal sound occurs during the use of PP sheet, it should be shut down to check the fault carefully.