What are the four main points of PS sheet forming processing?

Date:2020-07-01 16:17:17 星期三

PS sheet has also been used more frequently in recent y […]

PS sheet has also been used more frequently in recent years. It is a blister product often used in the industrial field. At the same time, more common places in our lives are: medical, food, toys, electronics, etc. So how is PS sheet molding processed? Whether it is a single layer or a multi-layer composite, it is necessary to have the following four points:
1. Plastic recall, that is, when the softened PS sheet is stretched, it not only tends to tighten against the tensile force, but also tends to stretch as evenly as possible. This feature enables the molded product to return to its original flat shape if it is reheated to the original molding temperature. This characteristic has an important influence on the stretching of the forming process.
2. Hot stretching, that is, the PS sheet can be stretched when heated, this characteristic has a great influence on the shape and quality of the product. Some can stretch 15% to 20%, and some can even stretch to 500% to 600%.
3. The thermal strength, that is, the PS sheet softened by heating only needs a little pressure to form a clear summary on the mold. On the contrary, if too much pressure is required to form, and the difference in inclination pressure provided by vacuum suction molding is limited, it is difficult to show certain fine patterns.
4. Molding temperature, that is, the molding PS sheet needs to have a certain processing temperature scale. It is easy to mold at its softening temperature when heated, and has a certain interval from its melting temperature. The molding temperature scale is wider; it cannot be molded only at a smaller specific temperature scale. When the temperature is too high or low, the molding is simple torn , Melting and other phenomena.
The above are the four main points of PS sheet forming processing, which must not be sloppy during the operation, resulting in the phenomenon of poor quality of the formed PS sheet.