What are the techniques to solve the crystal point bubbles in the production of PVC sheets?

Date:2020-08-24 17:13:41 星期一

In the production of PVC sheet, crystal spots or bubble […]

In the production of PVC sheet, crystal spots or bubbles are generally encountered on the PVC sheet. In order to avoid this situation, Fuyang Mingyang Industrial adopts 6-roll calendering technology to reduce crystal spots or bubbles and give you a good quality guarantee . Good coloring of PVC sheet is very good, and it can be made into various transparent colored products. The PVC used in pvc sheet is also the most versatile plastic product in the world, so the development and performance have always been very good.
(1) Mixing process
Properly extend the mixing time and increase the mixing temperature to make the various additives more uniform, and the mixing speed should be switched between high and low speed; the maturation time of the blend should be extended accordingly, and it should be placed for 24 hours before use. After adjusting the mixing process, the number of crystal points of the PVC sheet produced by Mingyang Industry has been significantly reduced, which can meet the quality requirements.
(2) Equipment and extrusion process
The plasticizing performance of the material can be improved by increasing the shear force of the screw, increasing the set temperature of the barrel in the melting zone, and increasing the pressure of the head.
(3) Processing formula
For specific PVC sheet models, there are generally general processing formulas and additives. The variety of additives, manufacturers, performance parameters, and the ratio in the formulation will have a greater impact on the plasticization performance of the material. Therefore, the corresponding formulation should be determined for the specific processing equipment, raw materials and additives.
(4) PVC sheets can also be colored arbitrarily to make various transparent and opaque colored products. Therefore, PVC is the most widely used plastic at present, and the price is only about 1/2 to 1/4.