What are the uses of plastic pet sheets?

Date:2020-04-16 17:32:19 星期四

First of all, the production process of this material i […]

First of all, the production process of this material is relatively complicated. It is produced by a series of compression and polymerization processes using high-precision machinery. The plastic we generally see is a translucent substance, but the transparency of this material is It can change in real time according to its specific requirements, and because of its own ductility and plasticity, it can also be placed as a decoration in our home or office, and even if the lifespan is reached, when it needs to be recycled, Even if it is burned, it will not produce any polluting gas, and the harm to the environment is even minimal.
We can also make the pet sheet into a foam-type material by a special compression method, so that we will be filled with a lot of air between the two layers of material, and because of the molecular structure of this material after molding It becomes extremely stable, so even after being hit by gravity or squeezed, it will not easily deform, so we can generally use it in the express industry, which can provide a good protection for express goods effect. And it can also be cut, and its toughness is very good, so we only need a common cutting tool to process it into any shape we want. For example, we can see this material everywhere on the booths of some companies.
We can also fully apply this material to the printing industry. For example, the menus we see in restaurants are made of this material. Due to its good sensitivity and transparency, we are in the printing process. There is no need to perform secondary processing on him, just need to print any graphic materials on the material, we can only observe every detail of it with the naked eye, and the human eye also looks more comfortable. At the same time, it is integrated into our paper prints, which can also play a full anti-aging effect, and it will not be easily deformed even if it is pulled by each other. After drying, the writing on the surface of the paper is still clear, and the paper will not wrinkle easily, so the waterproof function is also very commendable.