What is PET sheet? What are the advantages?

Date:2020-05-27 16:08:23 星期三

PET sheet: suitable for printing, blister, folding box, […]

PET sheet: suitable for printing, blister, folding box, photo frame, etc. At the same time operating PET high temperature film, insulation sheet, release film, glue film and so on. The advantages of PET are compared with the widely used PvC film.
PET has the following advantages:
1. Light weight: PET specific gravity 1.33 is 3.7% lower than PvC specific gravity 1.38. 30-wire PvC plug-in blister.
2. High heat resistance: The strength of PET film is 2 or more than that of PVC film, and it is resistant to low-temperature impact without brittleness, so usually 10% thinner film is used to replace PVC. Better, able to withstand a 40 ℃.
3. T sheet has good folding resistance: PET film will not have self-crack crease like PvC, and it is more suitable for surface mounting of documents and other materials.
4. T film has high transparency (PVC film is bluish), especially the gloss is better than PVC film, which is more suitable for exquisite packaging.