What is PS sheet? What are its functions and uses?

Date:2020-04-22 17:23:10 星期三

PS plastic is a thermoplastic, a new type of environmen […]

PS plastic is a thermoplastic, a new type of environmentally friendly packaging material developed in recent years. With its excellent thermoforming performance, good defense performance, environmental protection performance and hygienic performance, it is widely used in medicine, food, toys, electronics And clothing.
The main features of PS sheet:
1. Low static electricity, suitable for the packaging of products requiring low static electricity.
2. It is easy to vacuum forming, and the product has good anti-defense performance.
3. It has good hygienic performance, and can directly contact with food without harmful or beneficial effects.
4. It is easy to be colored and can be made into materials with different colors to produce vacuum covers with different colors.
5. The hardness is good. Compared with other sheet materials with the same thickness, the hardness of this sheet material is better. Thermoformed cups can be used as hot and cold drinks.
6. It meets the requirements of environmental protection, and can be recycled and reused. When the waste is incinerated, no harmful substances will be produced.
The main purpose of ps sheet:
1. Produce products with low static electricity (such as electronic products).
2. Food packaging (such as beverage, candy, and meat packaging).
3. Dairy products (for example, dairy products packed in polystyrene sheet containers can be put in the refrigerator and are not easy to deteriorate).