What types of PS sheets are there? (2)

Date:2020-10-20 16:27:29 星期二

1. Light level film: Shuai shell plastic produces light […]

1. Light level film: Shuai shell plastic produces light level film with excellent size and no obvious bubbles on the surface. It is widely used in electronic product packaging. Case: Nitto Denko and Sumitomo Chemical LCD bare-screen packaging.
2. Toughness strengthening sheet: The toughness strengthening sheet produced by Shuai Shell Plastics is more tough than ordinary HIPS sheets, has a softer feel, is not easy to break, and is resistant to low temperatures. Widely used in food packaging, electronic packaging, refrigerator panels, car carpets, etc.
3. Anti-bacterial and anti-mold sheet: The anti-bacterial and anti-mold sheet produced by Shuai Shell Plastics is widely used in the air-conditioning water tray, which has an effective antibacterial effect.
4. High barrier sheet: In recent years, with the change of eating habits, people are increasingly purchasing small-packaged foods from supermarkets, which makes the market demand for barrier films for food packaging also increasing. Big. The HIPS high-barrier sheet produced by Shuaike Plastics is widely used in normal temperature food packaging, which can effectively enhance the shelf life.
5. Transparent sheet: The transparent HIPS sheet produced by Shuaijia Plastic is widely used in food packaging and electronic tray packaging. Cases: Aviation transparent disposable cups, beakers with transparent colored lids for yogurt, etc.
6. Flame-retardant sheet: The flame-retardant sheet produced by Shuaike Plastic is effectively used in various equipment manufacturing industries, effectively achieving the effects of flame retardancy and smoke suppression.
7. Anti-ultraviolet sheet: The anti-ultraviolet sheet produced by Shuaike Plastics can be widely used outdoors, which can prolong product life and effectively prevent aging and discoloration. Case: Outdoor advertising printing signs, etc.
8. Film-coated sheet: The film-coated sheet of Shuai Shell Plastic is composed of PE film and HIPS sheet, and the PE film is a high-temperature resistant film. The sheet can be peeled off after blister molding without leaving glue, which effectively prevents scratches on the product surface. The surface PE film can also be selected with various printing patterns, which will not peel off after forming. Cases: patterned sushi trays, cosmetic trays, advertising printing sheets, and punching sheets.