Where are the main applications of PP sheets produced by PP sheets manufacturers?

Date:2020-04-10 17:22:59 星期五

PP sheet application areas: 1. Stationery: PP file fold […]

PP sheet application areas:
1. Stationery: PP file folder, PP file bag, PP business card case, PP pen case, PP pen holder, PP information booklet, PP

pagination card, PP spacer, PP notebook cover, PP book holder, PP writing board, PP Wall calendars, PP desk calendars, PP

advertising umbrellas, PP mouse pads, source PP stationery carrying cases and other stationery products.
2. Gifts: PP gift box, PP cosmetic box, PP gift bag, PP handbag, PP handbag bottom lining, PP lining, PP glasses box, PP glasses

display rack, PP toy packaging box, PP tissue box and other packaging.
3. Food categories: PP placemats, PP coasters, PP drinking cups, PP bowls, PP candy boxes, PP candy bags, PP wine boxes, PP wine

bags, PP cutting boards, etc.
4. Lighting: PP lampshade
5. Electronics: PP electronic interlayer board, PP electronic packaging box, etc.
6. Shoes and clothing: PP clothing box, PP clothing handbag, PP clothing drawing board, PP clothing listing, etc. PP shoe box, PP

shoe lining, PP shoe drawing line board, etc.
7. Other PP products: PP supermarket hanger, PP luggage box listing, PP road sign, PP drawer, PP raincoat box, PP photo frame, etc.